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Who We Are

California Kids’  Talent Connection is not an agency we are your guide to get started in the industry .


So you’re constantly told that your child is adorable and should be a model. You have an outgoing child, and everyone says that they need to get into acting. 


You have no idea where to go. You think that you are safe going with…let’s say Barbizon … what? You didn’t know that their business model is actually against the law in California and they were recently sued!

Congratulations Barbizon on being sued under California’s first Krekorian talent scam prevention act! The first class action lawsuit with 1,339 Victims and collecting a sum of 730,0000 this business and anyone that uses the same model is breaking the law this is where CKTC comes in. We HELP guide the parents on to a legit path to getting your start!  Don’t fall for the “your child can be a star over night, only if you take these classes and pictures”  Save time AND money! 


Parents, did you know that  any advertisement in the state of California that uses the word "audition" must have a job attached? No one can use the bait and switch tactic of saying you are auditioning, but get sold conventions or classes and photos that is NOT how the industry is run

C.K.T.C was created by Kelleen "Kelly" Torres with the idea that parents have the right to know the truth and understand the complexity of the entertainment and modeling industries. With over 30 years of experience on both sides of the camera, Kelleen has become an entertainment liaison throughout California. She is active with multiple film commissions and the California Film and Television Production Alliance – a coalition of guilds, unions, producers, small businesses, studios, and associations that work to promote filming in California.


Put Your Trust
In Us

We put your child's welfare first while 
we advise and guide you throughout the process.


We understand the complexity of the entertainment industry.


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