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What to 

Since the days of Charlie Chaplin acting and modeling have been among the most competitive careers in the world. Yet every day many are drawn to this business and for some, successful careers are born! Everybody has a different path but there is one thing that all success stories have in common; hard work and dedication. So what should you expect?

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Is my child motivated to be in the industry?

  • Do I have time to be present for auditions and work days?

  • Does my child handle rejection well?

If you said YES to the questions above, then you are ready to take the next step.

Some Topics We'll Cover

  • How to recognize and avoid scams

  • What an agent does and if you need one

  • What agencies ask of you

  • Can an agent charge you money

  • If your child needs a manger

  • ​Parents acting as a child's manager

  • If your child needs professional head-shots

  • If your child needs actor training or workshops

  • Coogan accounts and how to open one for your child

  • Child's earnings - union vs. non-union.

  • California entertainment and labor laws.

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